Katherine S. Rowell, M.S., M.H.A

KKathy Rowellathy Rowell is co-founder and principal of Katherine S. Rowell & Associates and HealthDataViz, a Boston firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations organize, design, and present visual displays of data to inform their decisions and stimulate effective action. She advises providers, payers, policymakers and regulatory agencies how to align systems, design reports, and develop staff to communicate healthcare data clearly.

She made crucial contributions to the establishment of the Massachusetts General Hospital Codman Center for Clinical Effectiveness and the launching of the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (300+ participating hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada). A much- in-demand speaker at Grand Rounds and healthcare conferences, Rowell has published numerous high-profile articles, and Unleash Your Inner Healthcare Data, her twice-monthly newsletter, has more than 1,500 passionate subscribers all over the world. Her clients, drawn from leading national and international healthcare organizations, include the Cleveland Clinic, Partners Healthcare, Baylor Healthcare, the World Health Organization, and the Children's Hospital Association. They and hundreds of other companies, organizations, and individuals seek out her public and private workshops, in-house training sessions, and private consulting services to learn the best practices of data visualization for healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.

Kathy holds a BS in Business Management and a Master's in Health Administration from the University of New Hampshire, and an MS from Dartmouth Medical School. A former member of the faculty of Brandeis University's Medical Informatics Graduate Program, Kathy continues to serve on its Advisory Committee. She is a recipient of the prestigious Partners in Excellence Award for leadership and innovation.

Kathy lives in York, Maine, with husband Bret, daughter Anne, adorable pup Juno, and way cool boat "Visualize."